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medalKayKay's Medal I Class
«For achieving Battle Hero status.»
Douglas Kay, a British Army sergeant and gunner on a Sherman Firefly, participated in the Allied landing in Normandy and later helped increase popular interest in tank warfare.
  • medalKay 4Kay's Medal IV Class
  • medalKay 3Kay's Medal III Class
  • medalKay 2Kay's Medal II Class
  • medalKay 1Kay's Medal I Class
medalCariusCarius's Medal I Class
«For the number of enemy vehicles destroyed.»
Otto Carius was one of the most successful tank aces of WWII. He commanded the Pz.Kpfw. 38(t), the Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger, and the Jagdtiger tank destroyer during his impressive career.
  • medalCarius 4Carius's Medal IV Class
  • medalCarius 3Carius's Medal III Class
  • medalCarius 2Carius's Medal II Class
  • medalCarius 1Carius's Medal I Class
medalKnispelKnispel's Medal I Class
«For the total amount of damage caused and received.»
Kurt Knispel, a WWII German tank ace, participated in battles on both the Western and Eastern Fronts, fighting in Pz.Kpfw. II, Pz.Kpfw. III, Pz.Kpfw. IV, Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger, and Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. B Tiger II.
  • medalKnispel 4Knispel's Medal IV Class
  • medalKnispel 3Knispel's Medal III Class
  • medalKnispel 2Knispel's Medal II Class
  • medalKnispel 1Knispel's Medal I Class
medalPoppelPopel's Medal I Class
«For the number of enemy vehicles detected.»
Lieutenant General of Tank Forces Nikolay Popel, a Soviet military leader and political officer, organized a raid against the enemy rear using captured vehicles during the battle of Dubno (Ukraine) in the summer of 1941.
  • medalPoppel 4Popel's Medal IV Class
  • medalPoppel 3Popel's Medal III Class
  • medalPoppel 2Popel's Medal II Class
  • medalPoppel 1Popel's Medal I Class
medalAbramsAbrams's Medal I Class
«For the total number of team victories in which the player survived the battle.»
General Creighton Abrams commanded U.S. armored forces during WWII and the Vietnam War, earning a reputation as an aggressive and successful commander.
  • medalAbrams 4Abrams's Medal IV Class
  • medalAbrams 3Abrams's Medal III Class
  • medalAbrams 2Abrams's Medal II Class
  • medalAbrams 1Abrams's Medal I Class
medalLeClercLeclerc's Medal I Class
«For the total number of the player's enemy base capture points.»
Philippe Leclerc was a General of the Free French Forces during WWII and one of the leaders of the Paris liberation operation.
  • medalLeClerc 4Leclerc's Medal IV Class
  • medalLeClerc 3Leclerc's Medal III Class
  • medalLeClerc 2Leclerc's Medal II Class
  • medalLeClerc 1Leclerc's Medal I Class
  • Win the battle.
  • All enemy base capture points earned in one battle are included.
medalLavrinenkoLavrinenko's Medal I Class
«Reduce the total number of capture points of a friendly base.»
Dmitry Lavrinenko, a Hero of the Soviet Union, Guards Lieutenant, and tank ace, was recognized as the top Soviet tanker, destroying 52 tanks in 28 battles over the course of just two months.
  • medalLavrinenko 4Lavrinenko's Medal IV Class
  • medalLavrinenko 3Lavrinenko's Medal III Class
  • medalLavrinenko 2Lavrinenko's Medal II Class
  • medalLavrinenko 1Lavrinenko's Medal I Class
  • Up to 100 points per battle are included.
medalEkinsEkins's Medal I Class
«For destroying Tier VIII–X enemy vehicles.»
Joe Ekins was a tank gunner in the Northamptonshire Division of the British Territorial Army. A number of sources identify Ekins as the individual who brought down famous German tank ace Michael Wittmann.
  • medalEkins 4Ekins's Medal IV Class
  • medalEkins 3Ekins's Medal III Class
  • medalEkins 2Ekins's Medal II Class
  • medalEkins 1Ekins's Medal I Class
guardsmanGuardsman I Class
«For the number of victories that were won while driving support vehicles.»
  • guardsman 4Guardsman IV Class
  • guardsman 3Guardsman III Class
  • guardsman 2Guardsman II Class
  • guardsman 1Guardsman I Class
  • For example, when fighting for a team consisting of T-34 and BT-7 vehicles, it is required to drive a BT-7 tank.
  • Specific vehicles can be used as support vehicles in certain Historical Battles.
  • Can be obtained in Historical Battles only.
makerOfHistoryHistory Maker I Class
«For the number of victories that were won on each of the belligerent sides.»
  • makerOfHistory 4History Maker IV Class
  • makerOfHistory 3History Maker III Class
  • makerOfHistory 2History Maker II Class
  • makerOfHistory 1History Maker I Class
  • Can be obtained in Historical Battles only.
forTacticalOperationsFor Tactical Operations I Class
«Awarded to the player for a certain number of victories on randomly selected teams.»
  • forTacticalOperations 4For Tactical Operations IV Class
  • forTacticalOperations 3For Tactical Operations III Class
  • forTacticalOperations 2For Tactical Operations II Class
  • forTacticalOperations 1For Tactical Operations I Class
  • Can be obtained in Team Battles only.
soldierOfFortuneSoldier of Fortune I Class
«For the number of victories in Skirmishes.»
  • soldierOfFortune 4Soldier of Fortune IV Class
  • soldierOfFortune 3Soldier of Fortune III Class
  • soldierOfFortune 2Soldier of Fortune II Class
  • soldierOfFortune 1Soldier of Fortune I Class
  • Personal achievement.
battleTestedBattle Tested I Class
«For the number of awards received in Team Battles.»
  • battleTested 4Battle Tested IV Class
  • battleTested 3Battle Tested III Class
  • battleTested 2Battle Tested II Class
  • battleTested 1Battle Tested I Class
  • Can be obtained in Team Battles only.
medalRotmistrovRotmistrov's Medal I Class
«For the number of battles fought in Clan Wars.»
Pavel Rotmistrov, a Hero of the Soviet Union, was a commander of armored units during World War II. Later he became the Chief Marshal of Armored Forces of the Soviet Union.
  • medalRotmistrov 4Rotmistrov's Medal IV Class
  • medalRotmistrov 3Rotmistrov's Medal III Class
  • medalRotmistrov 2Rotmistrov's Medal II Class
  • medalRotmistrov 1Rotmistrov's Medal I Class
readyForBattleLTExemplary Performance: Light Tanks
«For completion with honors of personal missions for light tanks during the Long-Awaited Backup campaign.»
  • readyForBattleLT 4Exemplary Performance: Light Tanks
  • readyForBattleLT 3Exemplary Performance: Light Tanks
  • readyForBattleLT 2Exemplary Performance: Light Tanks
  • readyForBattleLT 1Exemplary Performance: Light Tanks
readyForBattleMTExemplary Performance: Medium Tanks
«For completion with honors of personal missions for medium tanks during the Long-Awaited Backup campaign.»
  • readyForBattleMT 4Exemplary Performance: Medium Tanks
  • readyForBattleMT 3Exemplary Performance: Medium Tanks
  • readyForBattleMT 2Exemplary Performance: Medium Tanks
  • readyForBattleMT 1Exemplary Performance: Medium Tanks
readyForBattleHTExemplary Performance: Heavy Tanks
«For completion with honors of personal missions for heavy tanks during the Long-Awaited Backup campaign.»
  • readyForBattleHT 4Exemplary Performance: Heavy Tanks
  • readyForBattleHT 3Exemplary Performance: Heavy Tanks
  • readyForBattleHT 2Exemplary Performance: Heavy Tanks
  • readyForBattleHT 1Exemplary Performance: Heavy Tanks
readyForBattleSPGExemplary Performance: SPGs
«For completion with honors of personal missions for SPGs during the Long-Awaited Backup campaign.»
  • readyForBattleSPG 4Exemplary Performance: SPGs
  • readyForBattleSPG 3Exemplary Performance: SPGs
  • readyForBattleSPG 2Exemplary Performance: SPGs
  • readyForBattleSPG 1Exemplary Performance: SPGs
readyForBattleATSPGExemplary Performance: Tank Destroyers
«For completion with honors of personal missions for tank destroyers during the Long-Awaited Backup campaign.»
  • readyForBattleATSPG 4Exemplary Performance: Tank Destroyers
  • readyForBattleATSPG 3Exemplary Performance: Tank Destroyers
  • readyForBattleATSPG 2Exemplary Performance: Tank Destroyers
  • readyForBattleATSPG 1Exemplary Performance: Tank Destroyers
strategicOperationsFor Strategic Operations I Class
«For the number of victories on a Permanent Team.»
  • strategicOperations 4For Strategic Operations IV Class
  • strategicOperations 3For Strategic Operations III Class
  • strategicOperations 2For Strategic Operations II Class
  • strategicOperations 1For Strategic Operations I Class
  • Victories in training are not counted.
  • Displayed in team achievements only.
  • Can be obtained in Ranked Team Battles only.
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