Tanks - Relativity table, Nation: U.K, Class: All, Tier: All

Relative features are calculated for each tier for all classes of tanks, excluding secret tanks. Tank elite with established top-end modules, without equipment and consumables.

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1minitank GB13_FV215b«FV215b»U.KHeavy tankXstars 87.8stars 44.2stars 22.3stars 99.2stars 77.2stars 77.0stars 87.7stars 87.8stars 99.2
2minitank GB31_Conqueror_Gun«Conqueror Gun Carriage»U.KSPGXstars 11.4stars 22.3stars 22.3stars 21.6stars 11.3stars 44.3stars 11.3stars 11.1stars 11.0
3minitank GB48_FV215b_183«FV215b (183)»U.KTank destroyerXstars 76.6stars 22.1stars 21.9stars 87.9stars 44.4stars 76.5stars 77.4stars 66.2stars 54.6
4minitank GB83_FV4005«FV4005 Stage II»U.KTank destroyerXstars 66.2stars 33.5stars 33.4stars 87.9stars 87.9stars 21.8stars 77.4stars 66.2stars 54.9
5minitank GB86_Centurion_Action_X«Centurion Action X»U.KMedium tankXstars 66.2stars 88.1stars 43.8stars 99.2stars 88.1stars 66.2stars 87.8stars 87.8stars 99.3
6minitank GB91_Super_Conqueror«Super Conqueror»U.KHeavy tankXstars 77.5stars 32.8stars 21.9stars 98.6stars 98.7stars 66.5stars 87.7stars 87.8stars 98.6
7minitank GB92_FV217«FV217 Badger»U.KTank destroyerXstars 76.7stars 21.6stars 22.1stars 87.9stars 77.1stars 98.8stars 87.6stars 99.3stars 88.2
8minitank GB12_Conqueror«Conqueror»U.KHeavy tankIXstars 88.4stars 33.2stars 32.9stars 99.3stars 98.9stars 66.4stars 88.2stars 66.4stars 99.1
9minitank GB24_Centurion_Mk3«Centurion Mk. 7/1»U.KMedium tankIXstars 87.6stars 65.7stars 44.2stars 109.9stars 88.3stars 66.1stars 76.7stars 55.3stars 98.9
10minitank GB30_FV3805«FV3805»U.KSPGIXstars 11.2stars 33.1stars 32.8stars 22.2stars 22.4stars 32.6stars 11.0stars 11.0stars 11.2
11minitank GB32_Tortoise«Tortoise»U.KTank destroyerIXstars 98.7stars 21.6stars 21.7stars 98.7stars 77.3stars 99.3stars 88.2stars 1010.0stars 88.4
12minitank GB81_FV4004«FV4004 Conway»U.KTank destroyerIXstars 76.8stars 44.2stars 44.4stars 88.2stars 88.2stars 44.1stars 76.5stars 66.1stars 65.6
13minitank GB11_Caernarvon«Caernarvon»U.KHeavy tankVIIIstars 98.9stars 32.5stars 22.3stars 99.5stars 11.0stars 77.3stars 77.4stars 87.9stars 87.8
14minitank GB23_Centurion«Centurion Mk. I»U.KMedium tankVIIIstars 87.8stars 55.4stars 33.4stars 99.5stars 11.0stars 76.6stars 87.6stars 65.9stars 87.8
15minitank GB70_N_FV4202_105«FV4202»U.KMedium tankVIIIstars 77.3stars 76.9stars 43.7stars 98.9stars 11.0stars 65.6stars 87.6stars 65.5stars 87.8
16minitank GB72_AT15«AT 15»U.KTank destroyerVIIIstars 87.8stars 11.0stars 21.5stars 87.9stars 11.0stars 109.6stars 87.6stars 98.6stars 88.4
17minitank GB79_FV206«FV207»U.KSPGVIIIstars 22.0stars 21.6stars 22.0stars 22.1stars 11.0stars 33.1stars 11.0stars 11.0stars 21.7
18minitank GB80_Charioteer«Charioteer»U.KTank destroyerVIIIstars 65.7stars 65.7stars 54.9stars 87.5stars 11.0stars 22.5stars 87.9stars 87.5stars 88.0
19minitank GB87_Chieftain_T95_turret«Chieftain/T95»U.KMedium tankVIIIstars 87.8stars 55.1stars 33.0stars 88.4stars 11.0stars 66.4stars 77.0stars 55.1stars 87.8
20minitank GB93_Caernarvon_AX«Caernarvon Action X»U.KHeavy tankVIIIstars 88.5stars 33.0stars 32.7stars 88.4stars 11.0stars 87.8stars 87.6stars 77.3stars 88.4
Data updated: 8 Feb 2018
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