Tanks - Relativity table, Nation: France, Class: All, Tier: All

Relative features are calculated for each tier for all classes of tanks, excluding secret tanks. Tank elite with established top-end modules, without equipment and consumables.

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1minitank F10_AMX_50B«AMX 50 B»FranceHeavy tankXstars 77.2stars 66.3stars 33.4stars 98.6stars 98.8stars 43.7stars 87.7stars 76.8stars 77.4
2minitank F18_Bat_Chatillon25t«Bat.-Châtillon 25 t»FranceMedium tankXstars 65.9stars 87.9stars 65.9stars 98.6stars 76.6stars 22.1stars 87.8stars 66.3stars 77.4
3minitank F38_Bat_Chatillon155_58«Bat.-Châtillon 155 58»FranceSPGXstars 11.2stars 44.1stars 43.8stars 11.0stars 33.1stars 11.0stars 11.1stars 11.0stars 22.0
4minitank F64_AMX_50Fosh_155«AMX 50 Foch (155)»FranceTank destroyerXstars 66.4stars 44.1stars 32.9stars 77.3stars 54.6stars 55.3stars 99.4stars 77.1stars 66.0
5minitank F64_AMX_50Fosh_B«AMX 50 Foch B»FranceTank destroyerXstars 66.4stars 44.1stars 33.0stars 77.3stars 54.6stars 55.3stars 87.7stars 88.1stars 87.7
6minitank F72_AMX_30«AMX 30 B»FranceMedium tankXstars 66.3stars 88.1stars 43.7stars 99.2stars 77.0stars 33.4stars 77.1stars 87.8stars 88.4
7minitank F82_AMX_M4_Mle1949_Ter«AMX M4 mle. 54»FranceHeavy tankXstars 77.5stars 43.9stars 22.4stars 87.9stars 77.3stars 76.8stars 76.6stars 55.3stars 77.1
8minitank F88_AMX_13_105«AMX 13 105»FranceLight tankXstars 54.8stars 87.9stars 88.0stars 87.9stars 87.8stars 21.6stars 76.6stars 55.0stars 66.5
9minitank F09_AMX_50_120«AMX 50 120»FranceHeavy tankIXstars 87.8stars 66.2stars 33.5stars 98.7stars 98.6stars 44.2stars 88.2stars 66.0stars 77.2
10minitank F17_AMX_13_90«AMX 13 90»FranceLight tankIXstars 65.5stars 88.2stars 98.6stars 88.2stars 76.7stars 21.7stars 66.2stars 44.3stars 87.7
11minitank F37_AMX50_Foch«AMX 50 Foch»FranceTank destroyerIXstars 76.7stars 44.4stars 44.3stars 88.2stars 54.5stars 55.5stars 88.2stars 76.6stars 77.4
12minitank F67_Bat_Chatillon155_55«Bat.-Châtillon 155 55»FranceSPGIXstars 11.0stars 54.5stars 43.9stars 21.9stars 33.0stars 11.0stars 11.1stars 11.0stars 11.3
13minitank F71_AMX_30_prototype«AMX 30 1er prototype»FranceMedium tankIXstars 77.5stars 77.5stars 55.4stars 98.7stars 87.8stars 43.6stars 87.6stars 77.4stars 87.7
14minitank F75_Char_de_25t«Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP»FranceMedium tankIXstars 66.4stars 88.2stars 55.4stars 88.2stars 76.8stars 11.4stars 76.6stars 44.4stars 77.3
15minitank F83_AMX_M4_Mle1949_Bis«AMX M4 mle. 51»FranceHeavy tankIXstars 88.3stars 43.9stars 33.0stars 88.2stars 87.6stars 76.9stars 76.8stars 55.4stars 76.5
16minitank F08_AMX_50_100«AMX 50 100»FranceHeavy tankVIIIstars 88.1stars 54.8stars 33.4stars 88.4stars 11.0stars 33.5stars 87.7stars 55.3stars 76.6
17minitank F19_Lorraine40t«Lorraine 40 t»FranceMedium tankVIIIstars 87.6stars 66.2stars 54.8stars 88.4stars 11.0stars 22.2stars 87.7stars 55.1stars 76.9
18minitank F25_Lorraine155_51«Lorraine 155 mle. 51»FranceSPGVIIIstars 21.8stars 54.5stars 55.4stars 22.4stars 11.0stars 22.2stars 11.2stars 11.2stars 21.5
19minitank F36_AMX_AC_Mle1948«AMX AC mle. 48»FranceTank destroyerVIIIstars 66.1stars 43.8stars 33.2stars 87.9stars 11.0stars 55.4stars 109.6stars 76.8stars 76.9
20minitank F65_FCM_50t«FCM 50 t»FranceHeavy tankVIIIstars 98.6stars 55.5stars 43.7stars 99.5stars 11.0stars 55.4stars 87.6stars 66.1stars 77.3
Data updated: 8 Feb 2018
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