Statistics table of tanks by map «Ruinberg», Battle mode: Assault, Nation: Japan, Class: Medium tanks, Tier: IX

minimap 08_ruinbergscreen 08_ruinberg
Concentric city streets, along with dense forests and bushes in the overgrown park allow for hidden maneuvers and redeployment of your troops. Although artillery fire is of limited use in the city, the debris provides effective cover for your troops.

mapStatistics of map «Ruinberg»

Battle modes

map ctf 08_ruinberg
Standard battle
map domination 08_ruinberg
Encounter battle
map assault2 08_ruinberg
map bootcamp 08_ruinberg
Boot Camp

Statistics table for replays

Statistics on replays played in the last 120 days only for the type of game "Random battles" (Regular battles).

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