Statistics provided on the site, based on data from the open-source multiplayer online game "World of Tanks". Used data "replays" data "Public API" to give "Wargaming" servers and data from the latest version of the client.

Statistics are calculated only for the type of game "Random battles" (Regular battles). Battles on the test servers, "Clan Wars", "Tank Company Battle" and other game modes in the statistics do not participate. All values of the "raw" with minimal processing.

Update replays of data takes place every 10 days. The data relating to the client of the game, updated with a new version or patch. Period update server data across accounts and tanks is 20-35 days, because It depends on many factors. Below each table, in italics, the date of last update.

search_inputIn the menu bar on the right is a form of quick search map or tank. Space matches any number of characters. For example, to search for the tank «Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J» simply enter "p j", and to search for all «Bat.-Châtillon» enter "b c". Symbols "šâéäößáíё" can be replaced by similar "saeaoBaie". Russian-speaking visitors should be aware that the names of some tanks have Cyrillic characters. Therefore requests "t34" and "т34" will show different results.

valuesMain values are displayed large black numerals. Grayed out in square brackets show the changes of the main values of the previous update. Charts are included in the tables corresponding filter. Most of the fields have tooltips.

In a wide table, click selects the line. Used keys [A][W][S][D] you can scroll the table, [Q] to top of page, [E] page down, and using keys [1]…[9] to move through the pages.

Click on help freezes hint. Pop-up windows are closed [ESC] key. Graphics are scaled release the mouse.

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